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This calendar is a worthwhile behavioral education tool. The storybook illustrations on each two-month calendar page will be fun to color for students of art and emotional wizardry — young and old. Use the Wizard’s Wisdom Lesson and Word of the Month to teach and reinforce kids’ behavioral learning. Any month can spark EI conversations and help kids improve how they react to emotions throughout the rest of the year!

Being undated, this eco-friendly calendar allows for starting at any month of the year and continuing through to the same month of the following year. Just fill in the blank date boxes by matching them with the same on a dated calendar.

Worthy of posting in a prominent location, the calendar offers wisdom to ponder with every glance. Observers may initiate discussion about emotional development as well as compliment the artist’s coloring. The additional activities listed inside the back cover offer opportunity for even more insightful EQ learning. At year’s end, present the included 8″ x 10″ Kid’s Achievement Certificate to acknowledge your child’s effort and exemplary behavior. For special recognition you may even wish to frame this award.

Emotional Intelligence Coloring Book Calendar (11″ x 17″)

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This is a very thorough, yet inexpensive guide to improve emotional intelligence at the podium. Enhance teh credibility of your presentations with the meaningful suggestions, check-lists, and activities you’ll find in this comprehensive reference guide.A well-organized book full of healthy guidelines and practices, including psychological do’s and don’ts you won’t find elsewhere; criteria related to meaningful leadership judgement, thoughtful etiquette protocols, and charismatic presentation style– from the steps of preparation through the choreography of delivery.This book developed over a several year period as our founder observed and took note of emotional criteria either enhancing or missing in a number of seasoned speakers’ presentations. It also includes criteria identified through her own humbling errors and emotional growth. With the popularity of emotional inteligence, don’t risk making emotional blunders that reduce your credibility and lose speaking contracts without even knowing this was the reason why.


For your next award ceremony or more frequent motivation, select one or more of the four different 1 1/2 ” diameter award emblems displayed here or order custom made to suit your needs. Download 24-up per sheet of one particular emblem or six of each style on a 24-up sheet of emblems. Print, cut and paste onto certificates, test papers, cards etc. Also use as indexpensive medallion awards.

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This song is upbeat and motivational for anyone interested in emotioal intelligence! A cleverly written and strikingly well-produced song. Download of packaging is included with the purchase.

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“A great way for kids to explore important emotional subject matter!”This Fun book features artistic picture to color; challenging puzzles to solve, and a variety of other unique activities that assist parents in teaching kids about the helpful and harmful influence of emotions – while also

stimulating healtheir mind development.Click here to see Activity Book Excerpt

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Enlarged full-color 11″ x 17″ graphic EI Awareness Month posters that are suitable for framing. The posters are not available to order as downloads. Please e-mail us at to inquire about ordering hard copies. $9.95 each