To give perspective to the history of this organization, we must first review a little history about its founder. In the early 1980’s, the Institute’s founder, Sandra Hughes, designed a very successful approach in computer training tools. Her Kleertex® Keyboard Templates reduced frustrations of computer novices around the world and lead the way for wider use of these kinds of training tools in that confusing computer era.

In the early 1990’s, Sandra sold the successful training tool business and began pursuing a long-term interest she had in understanding a more sophisticated computing tool, better—the human mind. In 2001, after dedicating more than a decade to understand the mind better, Sandra formalized her studies by founding the Emotional Intelligence Institute, a non profit organization—to share the wealth of knowledge she had learned.

Sandra’s efforts have been to create a training program to help reduce others frustrations as they deal with the most complex computing system, their own human minds. Her perspective is not of a conventional scholar, but of an informed layman with a wealth of personal experience relating to the subject matter. As this web-site unfolds, you can expect some profound insight to help you understand your mind better and improve your EQ.

HISTORY of the Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

The Emotional Intelligence Awareness October campaigns have been organized by the Emotional Intelligence Institute each year since 2006. This sponsorship was made possible through a generous donation from the family of Mary E. Johnson PhD (1924 – 2005). Doctor Johnson was the great niece of the architect of Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum. She was a masterful concert pianist and one of the founders of the Literature and Materials program of Julliard School in New York City. Doctor Johnson was also a dear friend of the Institute’s founder who shared concern for the future of humanity.

The art work designed for the EI Awareness campaign flyers was created by our founder. She has been using a media of pastel chalks and colored pencils. Sandra was an artist earlier in her life.