The Emotional Intelligence Institute (EII) was created as a 503c non-profit organization in 2001 to develop a high quality training program to offer for FREE that would help youth and adults understand their minds better, especially emotionally— and improve their EQ.


The Institute is rooted in the work of Sandra Hughes, who had spent more than a decade of independent research into the psyche of her own mind, emotionally before creating the Institute.  For over a quarter of a century, she has shared profound insight and valuable techniques for understanding and enhancing healthy mind development.

Before this, Sandra had developing a very novel and successful approach in computer training tools. During the early years of personal computers, her Kleertex® Keyboard Templates reduced frustrations of computer novices the world over and led the way for wider use of these kinds of training tools during that confusing computer era.

Sandra sold this business in 1991 and began pursuing a long-term interest she had, namely, understanding a more sophisticated computing tool— the human mind. After a few years, she realized that what she was learning could help others reduce frustrations, as they dealt with the complexities of their own minds. Her perspective is not that of a conventional scholar, but of an informed layman whose wealth of personal experience relates well to the subject matter.

Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

EII has organized this annual campaign since 2006. Each October the Institute shares an array of campaign materials with other interested organizations and individuals.